Australia part II – the East Coast and Great Barrier Reef

After 72 hours we cross Australia from Perth to Sydney from West to East. It is completely opposite than in Europe  and the towns and civilization are located on the East, while in Europe if you go to East you will ended up in Siberia where there is no roads and live more bears than people.

The „wild” East of Australia – Sydney Opera House

But the same as in the Wild East in Russia the Wild West in Australia is really worthwhile to visit.

Now we are ready to relax on the beaches, the Gold Coast, Surface Paradise, Cairns and Great Barrier Reef is waiting for us.

We spend two days in Sydney and we decide to go further north before the weather becomes too hot. We arrive to Cairns – very easy going city. It was a good idea to see the desert first. Now we really appreciate the relaxing time in our beautiful camping place near the hostel. We find the travelers heaven, we have everything what we need: the cheap camp, tropical garden, swimming pool, and the hammocks. The owner of the hostel and camp sites travelled two years around the world couple of years ago. He really knows what the travelers need, it is the best place we have ever stay… free coffee, tea, and spices makes easier to prepare delicious dinners.  On the evening we grill kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat with other new friends from all over the world. This place is so cool and special and we decide to stay there a little bit more than planned.

The best place we stayed in Australia 

The smallest campsite we have ever stayed, but well protected against „nice” australian animals

After couple of days in Cairns we are ready to see the Great Barrier Reef and the best way is to camp on one of the island close to the reef… that was we thought before we met this «nice» animal on our camping site on Fitzroy Island… But it is too late to change the decision, no more ferries to the mainland today. So we do the best what we can, we put stones and wood around the tent and try to share the camping place with them… Surprisingly they are more active during the day and we have quite good night in our small home without unexpected visitors. Only birds wake up us early in the morning but it is very common in Australia.

„nice” australian animal on the campsite- Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island

The Great Barrier Reef seen from Green Island

Green Island and Fitzroy Island are situated on the Great Barrier Reef so you can see the coral directly by snorkeling from the island. We take also the glass bottom boat trip to see a little bit more… From the beach on the Green Island we see many sea turtles passing our lunch place.  It was the best experience we had… they were so close so you can even hear when they are breathing…being so close is amazing and for this moments is really worthwhile to travel…

One of the turtle passing our lunch place

Sea turtle – so close 

The life on Great Barrier Reef

The great end of the day


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